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Trish is a compassionate, dedicated certified Reiki ll Healer & Pilates instructor. She is dedicated in helping others achieve personal growth & the lasting happiness they so deserve. During the session she will help you restore your calm, peace & tranquility that is sometimes lost in our daily lives.

Come meet with Trish in the warm space she has created where you will bring light & positive energy back into your soul. 

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What People are Saying

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Trish is a soft spoken yet very strong woman. She has a voice that can bring an entire room filled with stress & anxiety to peace. I am a young woman who is learning & growing, I immediately felt a motherly connection with Trish that made me feel physically & emotionally safe. Her passion for empowering, encouraging & healing those around her are some of her most beautiful powers, among many other unique qualities. From not only her outer, but inner beauty, she offers wisdom, patience, & respect to all. Her spiritual energy can immediately be detected. There are some very special people brought into this world who are assigned a purpose-Trish is one of those rare people with a purpose to physically, mentally, strengthen & heal all of those lucky enough to meet her! 
Sidney P.

Trish is an amazing soul! She has helped me through difficult times with her positivity & her spiritual healing Reiki, She has "unstuck" me more often than I can count. Her very presence exudes positivity & warmth. Trisha's energy can't help but become contagious! 
Lisa S.

Trish is a beautiful soul inside & out. She truly radiates warmth & compassion  when working with you. She's understanding, lovely & so kind. Her abilities are remarkable. After my sessions with Trish I feel lighter, happier and much more clear. She has a soft, calm presence and guides you peacefully thru your journey. I feel truly blessed to have found her! Justin A.

I have been working with Trish for awhile now and feel a tremendous shift in my energy. The breath work and Reiki healing we do has been wonderful for me. She has also read for me and she is shockingly accurate. Shes extremely intuitive & genuinely cares for her clients. Laura K.

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